6 Different Grants And Scholarships For CDL Training

CDL Training

Commercial driver’s license training is one of the best programs for applicants to get a truck driver’s license. People from less affluent backgrounds or looking to resume their careers should take advantage of this training. If you have a financial constraint, you can select from various funding options depending on their capacity to pay for the program’s expenses. The amount of financial aid differs, but in numerous cases, CDL grants pay the maximum possible amount or, at times, the entire cost of training.

What Are Various Financial Options For CDL Training?

Commercial driver’s license training is essential in your journey to becoming a skilled truck driver. Based on your circumstances, you might be qualified for state, local, or other CDL grants to help with the expense of the training.

Here are the common types of funding options available for the training.

  1. WIOA Funding

Qualified prospects can get a government subsidy via the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) to attend classes, develop their skills, and find stable jobs. Anyone in the United States whose age is 18 or more and who faces employment-related challenges may apply for the WIOA plan. Several people use WIOA funding to obtain their commercial driver’s licenses.

2. Pell Grants

There is no obligation to repay Pell grants. They provide chances for those seeking career courses like CDL training but lacking a bachelor’s degree. If you meet the requirements, the funding could total up to $4,000 for each term. Once you submit the application and choose your standards, the procedure can begin. It is crucial to remember that to qualify for a Pell grant, the establishment you decide to attend for CDL training must accept Pell grants.

3. Military Financial Aid And Grants

Several transportation firms, educational establishments, and financial organizations provide financial help to former service members. Finding appropriate plans, determining eligibility, and guiding the application procedure are sometimes complex tasks, but those who succeed often reap rewards that are more than worthwhile. The Military Skills Test Waiver Program of FMCSA enables a few candidates to skip some criteria for earning a CDL. This program is particularly beneficial for people with experience in driving commercial vehicles during military service.

4. Transient Worker Programs

There might be more options for those trying to train again for a new job, particularly in regions with substantial seasonal and transient workers and a robust agricultural economy. For instance, the Migrant Educational Training program in Texas (MET) is one of the best transient worker programs. Adults with modest incomes and those with migratory employment for at least three months are eligible for financial assistance.

5. Women In Trucking Foundation Organization

A career in truck driving is available to everyone, not just men. The Women In Trucking Foundation is a group that offers options to females looking to break into the truck driving profession and acknowledges applications two times a year. The award is open to only women applicants working to advance their driving, technology, safety, or leadership skills. Each applicant may receive about $1,000 as a scholarship, which can only be applied to their educational expenses.

 6. Vocational Rehab

Students can get money for commercial driver’s license school through public or private Vocational Rehabilitation programs or Voc Rehab. You can be qualified for this kind of state subsidy for the truck driving training if you are a wounded employee or are presently enrolled in a rehabilitation center.


You no longer have to worry about finances for your commercial driver’s license training because it is possible to get financial assistance. However, you have to know that not all applicants will be eligible for all forms of truck driving financing options. Before finalizing anyone, researching all available options is a better approach to determine which is ideal for your unique circumstance.

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