7 Most Popular House Siding Colors

House Siding Colors

It’s the summer season and the perfect time for post-spring cleaning renovations. The discerning homeowner today has access to an unprecedented array of vibrant colors, shades, and hues with regard to their siding options. Let us check out what is hot and popular this season so you will be able to increase the curb value of your home – even as you ensure that your house is the most eyes catching one on the block:

  • Artic white

White is one color that never goes out of style or season. This is why there is no question of white being too old-fashioned.  In fact, this siding color is making a comeback in houses all over the country. And why not? After all, it has been a major player not just for the past few years, but the past few decades as far as exterior design trends are concerned. It has a really clean and ultra-modern look. At the same time, your basic white gives a touch of class to your home. If you are interested in genteel sophistication, white is the way to go.

  • Soft neutrals are in

These days soft neutrals are in and they are particularly great if you don’t really like stark white. Softer, more pleasing shades always create an aesthetically appealing and neutral siding for your house. By toning down on your stark whites, you will be able to easily create that lush look that will turn the eye of every passerby. If your home gets a lot of sunlight, the soft shades will create various interesting hues.

  • Rich earth tones

All kinds of earth-toned colors for your siding will keep your warm and cozy home grounded in its own beauty. This is, of course, the polar opposite of the electric rainbow color paint craze, Earth-based tones and hues offer a sublime richness and quality that is their very own. As a general rule, such hues and shades are based on rich brown colors that reflect the soil of the earth. Your professional Kansas city siding contractor will help select as well as change your siding so that you will be able to enjoy the colors chosen by Mother Nature herself.

  • The timeless class of gray

If ever a color can be said to be timeless – it is gray. If you drive by a home dressed in gray siding, it is almost inevitable that you will take a second look. Gray siding combined with different colors will automatically create a distinctive look.

  • Be bold – be blue!

Steel-blue and other similar colors reflect your confidence with style. As a matter of fact, many rich, deep, blues will always help give you the bold look that will enable your house to stand out from all the others around it. You can also try to combine your blue siding with a variety of many other different colors to change the whole look of your home.

  • Look cool with the Indigo look

Indigo gels well with a dark-on-dark combo. As a matter of fact, this is a design trend for exterior sidings that is steadily growing in popularity. This color encapsulates a large variety of very deep tones, including some of the more intense shades of Indigo. These shades have always been associated with royalty and they are an ideal way of converting your home into a palace!

  • Midnight colors

Classic dark yet neutral hues are also very popular these days. You can combine a midnight-colored roof with a light cloud-colored slate sliding. This will look both elegant as well as striking too. It will be an interesting contrast, especially when juxtaposed to the surrounding houses in your neighborhood. This array of classic, neutral tones will strike just the right note this summer and ensure your house looks absolutely great. Best of all, such colors are pretty low maintenance since dirt simply vanishes in the gray and midnight combo.


If you are looking for a new look for your home this summer, then your siding is the best place to start. All of these colors will give your home a fresh and wholesome look that is all but guaranteed to turn heads. Just make sure you engage the services of a Kansas city siding contractor for the job at hand.

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