An Introduction to Manga

Do you want to start reading manga?

We’re here for you. In this article, we will break down the fundamentals you should know prior to diving into the vast, fascinating universe of Japanese graphic novels, a.k.a manga.

What is Manga?

Manga is a general word that covers a broad range of graphic novels that were originally created by and released in Japan. In contrast to American comics that are produced in full color, Japanese mangas are typically printed using black and white. Full-color prints are usually only employed for special editions.In Japan, manga is generally released on a regular basis, either on a monthly or weekly basis, chapter-by-chapter in manga magazines, such as the Weekly Shonen Jump, (which is in circulation since the year 1968). If a particular series is popular enough, the stories are then compiled and released into volumes known as Tankobon volumes which usually contain only a few chapters of the story in its entirety.

Manga targeted adult men

Similar to shonen manga, seinen MangaForFree also features violence and action, but with a more serious or darker style, and explicit content like graphic violence, sexual content, or profane language. If a manga does not fall under any other category, such as Shonen or Shojo it is classified under. While shonen shows often have characters with an idealized innocent, or naive perspective on life, shows typically focus on protagonists that must confront an environment where the hero is not always able to get the job done. Seinen covers are usually grim and dark and have male protagonists. Katsuhiro Otomo’s Akira is probably among the most famous seinen, thanks in part due to its amazing anime adaptation which paved the way for Japanese animation’s rise in popularity in the West. Kentaro Miura’s Berserk is published since its first issue in 1989. In contrast to Akira, it was set in a post-apocalyptic future Berserktakes place in a fantasy world that is loosely based upon European mythology, showing the vast array of manga that are genre-based.

What should I do to begin?

The most important you should remember about KunManga is that it has something for every person. If you’re a fan of high school romantic comedy or high-fantasy epics there’s a manga that’s perfectly suitable for you. Manga is typically classified according to the reader first, then the Genre. For instance CLAMP’s Cardcaptor Sakura is a shojo (young girl) “magical girl” (sub-genre) manga. But, that doesn’t mean that a male reader can’t enjoy the manga. This is just how they’re marketed. If you were searching to find manga for a boy who is interested in mysteries or fantasy then you could search for “shonen (boy) Fantasy” and “shonen mystery” manga.

Shonen Manga is designed for tweens

The most common themes are: Action, Adventure, Friendship, Coming of Age Shonen manga typically feature lots of comedy and action as well as some kind of camaraderie for young people between characters. Manga publication Weekly Shonen Jump and its American counterpart, Shonen Jump, have frequently published some of the best shonen manga in the past 30 years, such as Akira’s Dragon Ball, Masashi Kishimoto’s Naruto, and Shonen Jump’s latest huge hit, Kohei’s My Hero Academia.

Shojo Manga is designed for tweens as well as teens.

Themes Common to All: Romance, Drama, Coming of Age The emphasis here is less on the action and more on emotion, drama, and, in the majority of cases romanticized romance. Similar to shonen manga the majority of shojo manga are the story of coming-of-age for young protagonists. It is easy to identify shojo covers through their depiction of pretty pinks and flowers or other adorable images. This isn’t to say that shojo manga only consists of fun, cute stories. The narratives of shojo manga are as varied as any other genre. For instance, Ai’s Nana is technically classified as a shojo-based series since it is published by a magazine called shojo but the story is told through two women in their teens who are navigating their way through their personal relationships sexual relationships, sexual interactions, and the use of drugs in order to achieve their goals.

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