Benefits and use of Lip balm in winter

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The skincare trio that should always be in your handbag are sunscreen, moisturizer, and lip balm. Did the third one surprise you a bit? We know what you are thinking: who needs to carry a lip balm? Are they even that important? You can always use moisturizer or cold cream on your lips, right? Or at least, who hasn’t?

Be that as it may, lip balms have their own story to tell and must not be ignored, to say the least. Let us tell you the story of an unsung winter hero product: the lip balm.

What is the Deal with Lip Balms Anyway?

Lip balms are  waxy sticks usually containing moisturizing ingredients like petroleum jelly, lanolin, and shea butter. The wax makes it sticky, so it can stay on your lips for long periods, and the moisturizing ingredients help prevent water loss.

Your Winter Nightmare: Chapped Lips

In winter, the dry cold air absorbs moisture wherever it finds it.. Hence we end up having dry, rough, scaly skin and chapped, flaky lips, and you search for the best lip balms in India, right? But why does the lip suffer so much in winter? It is because lips are more sensitive than the rest of your skin on the body. In addition, lips do not have any oil glands, making them easily susceptible to being chapped and dry, and it worsens.

Untreated chapped lips

What if you feel too lazy to take care of your chapped lips? Here’s your answer: if you don’t attend to this condition, it will deteriorate. Untreated chapped lips will worsen during the stark winter if you especially have dry skin. In extreme cases, lips might get sore, experience swelling, and even bleed.

SOS for lip problems: Lip balm

When it comes to chapped or cracked lips, count on the lip balms to save your day. These waxy hydrating sticks are ready to rejuvenate your dry lips. It will add much-needed moisturizer to dull, scaly lips, making them soft again. Plus, the best lip balms are those usually made of natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals.

Natural shine

Not only will you love your shiny lips while looking at the bedside mirror, but also it will alleviate the painful, burning sensations.

Chapped lips, super matte lipsticks, and you: Lip Balm Saves the Day

How can  you pull off your winter look with your flaky, scaly lips? What better way to jazz up your look than put on some vibrant super matte lip colour?

Fret not! Let the lip balm be your saviour. Put on a good amount of hydrating lip balm,like Lotus Herbals lip balm   on the lips. Let it sink for a few minutes and wipe it off. Then put some more lip balm before applying the matte lipstick. Now your hydration and shine are both covered!

Sun protection

 Lip balms with SPFs will help you protect from the scorching sun rays.

The Best Way of Using Lip Balm

Here is our pro tip: First, take a bit of lukewarm water and apply it lightly on your skin. Then take a gentle exfoliator to get rid of the prominently present lip’s scaly layers. You can slowly use your toothbrush on your lips to do the mild rubbing. After doing it for a minute or two, wash it off

Now your lips are ready to absorb the humectants, ceramides and other skin-helping ingredients in your lip balm.

How about Moisturized Lipstick instead of Lip Balm?

We know well the haphazard mornings when you rush to get out of home and reach the office on time, right? More often than not, you ignore lip balm and find solace in those beautiful lipsticks. But, in no way can lipsticks replace lip balms. The purpose of lipsticks is to give you good pigmentation and not hydration.

A Dash of Colour: Tinted lip balms

Opt for tinted lip balms if you are anything like us and cannot do away with colour. They hydrate, soften and give your lips just the right amount of colour. They are the best of both worlds, indeed.

Lotus all-natural lip balms

 Lotus lip balm filled with nature’s goodness which might just be what you are looking for.

Lotus Herbals LIP LUSH Rosy Rose Blush Spf 20 is a natural lip balm created from rose extracts and is meant to give soft, supple lips and sun protection.

Lip balms have become an essential part of skincare for quite some time. Their requirements rise up, especially during winter. This is a good sign, as the awareness of lip care has also become more substantial. As an old beauty and skincare industry member, we, too, would be part of this awareness enterprise.

At the same time, we would love to know about your winter lip hacks. Don’t forget to share in our comments box!

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