How to Prepare a Major Site Plan at the basic level?


Before submitting a 메이저사이트 plan, you must make sure that it complies with the TRC’s requirements. This is the same process as for minor site plans. Once you’ve sent your application packet to the TRC, they will send you a summary of the comments received and place the application on the upcoming agenda. After the Board has considered the comments, you can submit a revised major site plan.

Application packet

To submit an Application packet for a major site plan, you must prepare a site plan that complies with the guidelines of the TRC. The plan must be a minimum of 10 pages in length and must be submitted in a binder with dividers. The site plan must also be in Portable Document Format (*pdf) format.

Review process

Reviewing content on a major site is a complex process that requires a team to be assembled and a clear definition of what needs to be reviewed. Often, the process stalls due to misunderstandings between stakeholders, so it is imperative to set clear expectations for the review process at the start. Typically, a content inventory is created as a way to guide the review process. The site plan inventory includes an overview of existing content and should include any updates or new information.


Some elements of site proposals can be quantified. However, the most subjective elements are architectural features and ecological disturbances. As such, numerical standards are not practical in every case. Municipalities can use a process called site development review to evaluate development proposals and make sure they do not interfere with local growth and services.

A 메이저사이트 plan is a critical component of the development process. It shows where major buildings, roads, paths, and other structures are located. It also shows the size and direction of utilities and sewers. It should also show the location of the existing development and any trees or other features. The site plan should also show the location of all vehicular and pedestrian paths.

Neighborhood meetings

If you have a proposal for a new development on your property, you should invite your neighbors to a neighborhood meeting. These meetings are designed to give you the chance to voice your concerns and ideas. They are held before the developer submits his application to the city. During the meeting, the developer will take into consideration the input from the residents and may modify the plans based on their comments.

The first step in organizing a neighborhood meeting is to identify your neighborhood’s resources and needs. You should identify the neighborhood’s best assets and list any problems or nuisances. You can also include information regarding your neighborhood’s talents and special interests. Once you’ve identified your community’s priorities, you can organize an action plan. It is important to include residents of all ages, including those who may be new to the area.

Neighborhood meetings are required by Boise City Code and are intended to provide neighbors with the opportunity to discuss their concerns and ask questions. If you are interested in a new development in your neighborhood, you should attend a neighborhood meeting as soon as possible. Involved neighbors will be more likely to welcome the change and have their input.

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