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In order to balance the strength between the two participating teams, and allow players to easily place bets, the live bet Kenya with bookmaker 22Bet will give the handicap between the two teams. It can be a handicap or a bet, depending on the strength of the two teams, the house will make a decision on the handicap.

 What is a football handicap?

Handicap, also known as Asian Handicap, is designed to balance the strength between the two participating teams, so that players can easily place bets. The bookie will give the handicap between the two teams, it can be a handicap or a handicap, depending on the strength of the two teams, the house will make a decision on the handicap.

From there, each bookmaker will determine the amount for each odds ratio, which is also different. With each football match, there will be many handicaps, which can be handicap 1, handicap 1/4, or handicap 3/4. Depending on the match, there will be different handicaps.

The most popular types of handicap today at the house

Same-ball Handicap:

This is also known as a draw. This bet is simply understood to mean that you bet on a certain team. If that team wins, you win, if they lose, you lose. If there is a tie, you get your money back. The ball bet appears in 2 cases.

First, when the bookie evaluates the two teams playing at the same level. If the team that is rated stronger has a poor performance for some different reasons, the house will lower the bet to 0.

Second, when the match has not yet started, the odds table will display the match. That means no team will have a chance to beat the other team. The two teams will be equal to each other.

Handicap 1/4:

Handicap on the left half: This is also known as 0.25 handicap. In this market, the team acting as the handicap team will accept the team with less than 0.25 points. At this time, the handicap team loses the contest when the handicap team loses the match, and if there is a tie, the handicap team loses half of the money, the handicap team bet is half the money. This is also the same calculation with the rafters 1.25, 2.25, 3.25, ..

In addition, the house also has other handicaps such as a half-left handicap and one-left handicap.

So with so many bets, is there any strategy to easily win? Here are some experiences when playing football handicap.

Although it is a betting and a favorite sport, not everything you want to be expensive can be done anywhere. It will be better if this betting game makes you profitable compared to the initial amount you have.

If not, the amount of capital you have, no matter how much, will quickly run out in the blink of an eye. Therefore, it is always necessary to have a reasonable and effective strategy for yourself so that you can easily win without losing a single penny.

First, betting strategy:

For those of you who are new to the game, a useful piece of advice is to try a few times and place the lowest bet. You need to be familiar with this game and have the information necessary to correctly analyze the strategy you are going to take.

Some information you can find out, such as:

How is the ranking position of the two teams on the International Rankings used to judge which team has a greater chance of winning, and what is the confrontation history of the two opponents? Because if your opponent has fought against your chosen team many times and your team usually loses, you should reconsider your own decisions, recent performance,..

Second, the experience of choosing a betting door to optimize the victory Usually, the strong team will play away from home with a half-point handicap 1/2 left first to show a small handicap and show the correlation between the two. side, not so much. So you can choose your bet below. Or if the lower bet scores first, then choose the lower bet.

Above is some information to help you learn about football handicaps as well as some tips for playing this game effectively. Hopefully, with these useful shares, we will help you have interesting experiences at the house.

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