Safety tips for swings:


Swings are the most common source of non age injuries from moving outfit on a 안전놀이터 . But a many simple preventives can help keep kiddies safely swinging 

  • Swings should be made of soft material similar as rubber or plastic, not wood or essence. 
  • kiddies should always sit in the swing, not stand or kneel. They should hold on tightly with both hands while swinging, and when finished swinging, stop the swing fully before getting off. 
  • Children should stay a safe distance from other kiddies on swings, being careful not to run or walk in front of or in reverse of moving swings. 
  • kiddies should no way ride with further than one child to a swing. Swings are designed to safely hold only one person.

Use of sea saw :

Using a seesaw requires cooperation between kiddies. They are generally not recommended for preschoolers unless the seesaw has a spring- centering device to help unforeseen contact with the ground. Anyhow of design, both seesaws and merry- go- rounds should be approached with caution.

Other safety tips to keep in mind 

  • Seesaw seats are design that on swings one child can sit.  A child who’s too light to seesaw with a mate should find a different mate — not add another child to his or her side of the seesaw. 
  • kiddies should always sit facing one another, not turned around. 
  • Educate kiddies to hold on tightly with both hands while on a seesaw, not to touch the ground or push off with their hands, and to keep bases to the sides, out from underneath the seesaw. 
  • kiddies should stand back from a seesaw when it’s in use. They should no way stand beneath a raised seesaw, stand and gemstone in the middle, or try to climb onto it while it’s in stir.

Safety playground tips for slides:

Slides are safe if kiddies are careful and follow the precautions l when using them. Guidelines to keep in mind.  Children should take one step at a time and hold onto the rail when climbing the graduation to the top of the slide. They shouldn’t climb up the sliding board itself to get to the top. 

 kiddies should always slide down bases first and sitting up, no way head first or on their reverse or stomach. 

 Only one child should be on the slide platform at a time, and kiddies should not slide down in groups.  kiddies should always check that the bottom of the slide is clear before sliding down. When they reach the bottom, they should get off and move down from the end of the slide so it’s clear for other kiddies to slide down.

Importance of 안전놀이터

Playgrounds are safe spaces where kiddies develop pivotal physical, social, emotional and imaginative chops necessary to gain tone- confidence, ameliorate collaboration, and advance critical thinking capabilities. In this composition, we ’ll take an in- depth look at the significance of playgrounds in child development.


Safety playground are necessary for keeping them secure from injury and to reduce the case of such accident reports.  Adults should teach their younger ones and guide them properly to meet such situations. 

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