Seizures: The Image Of Inconvenience


Seizures are triggered by changes in the electrical activity of the brain. This medical condition causes a patient to have unconscious muscle movements, changes in behavior, sudden switching of emotions, and experience lower levels of consciousness. Seizure is a serious medical diagnosis that is very common in most types of medical illnesses. Some of these illnesses are stroke, diabetes, meningitis, dementia, brain tumor, encephalitis, and epilepsy. 

Most of these illnesses take a toll on the nervous system of the person who is detected with the illnesses previously mentioned, which is why such risky incidents as seizures occur. Upon the medication for these medical issues, it is also important to take supplements that support the positive effects provided by the medication and, at the same time, solidify the health condition of the person who is taking it. One example of a product that is suggested to be taken as a supplement in substitution to sweet desserts that may cause more health risks is the CBD gummies which are great supplements that can help an individual regain their status of having a healthy body. 

There are numerous types of seizures that are presented medically. Here is a list of some of the seizures that anyone can encounter with a person who is diagnosed with it.

  • Focal onset seizure

This is a type of seizure that occurs in one area of the brain of a patient. This area is most likely the affected one depending on the health issue that caused the seizure. It is also identified as a partial seizure since it starts in a small portion of the brain. However, the longer the duration becomes, the larger the part of the brain that becomes affected. 

Additionally, there are two subtypes of focal onset seizures, which are known as focal aware seizure and focal impaired-awareness seizure. Focal aware seizure is a type of seizure that is unrecognizable since the person who is affected by it still has consciousness and is fully aware of what is happening in their surroundings. Focal impaired-awareness seizure, on the other hand, causes a person to forget the specific scenario of the conduct of the seizure since it makes the person unconscious. This means that the individual affected by the seizure does not move, talk, or hear in the way that they want to control their body. It lasts for approximately two minutes and immensely affects a large portion of the brain.

  • Generalized onset seizures

These types of seizures occur when both sides of the brain are affected at the same time. Under this type of seizure, there are also numerous kinds of, namely, the tonic, clonic, tonic-clonic, myoclonic, absence, and atonic. In a tonic seizure, a person can experience the tightening of a muscle in their body, causing that area to rigidify. Clonic seizure, on the other hand, causes convulsions and movements in the person’s limbs that are uncontrolled. 

Additionally, tonic-clonic is a combination of both tonic and clonic seizures. Moreover, a myoclonic seizure is a type of seizure that causes a muscle to undergo a spasm that happens for a short period of time. Another type of generalized onset seizure is an absence seizure that causes a person to blink repetitively and stare at an open space that is somehow often confused with daydreaming and deep thinking. Lastly, an atonic seizure occurs as a drop attack, causing a person’s part of the body to unconsciously move, such as sudden nodding and falling.

  • Unknown onset seizures

Technically, these are seizures that have unrecognizable reasons as they lack pieces of evidence to study on.

Having seizures at random moments is one of the most inconvenient lifestyles a person can live in. Hence, it is very important for a person to get to know their illness more so it would be easier for them to detect the reason for their seizures. Additionally, it would be of big help if they continuously take their medications based on the prescribed medication given by their personal doctors and also take health supplements that would surely help alleviate their medical condition. 

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