What Is An Intelligent IC Driver?

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An intelligent IC driver is a LED driver that can communicate with the LED bulb. This allows the LED driver to control the LED bulb’s brightness or even dim it. This is much more advanced than a traditional LED driver. The main purpose of this feature is to enhance the overall user experience. It allows you to control the brightness of the LED bulb, which is perfect if you are using this LED bulb as a night light. It also allows you to turn the LED bulb on and off by connecting it to a smart home hub, like the Amazon Echo or Google Home. This feature also allows you to use the bulb in a group of smart bulbs to make a smart lighting system.

Advantages of 1156 LED bulbs:

In this blog, we’re going to talk about the advantages of 1156 LED bulbs. One of the main advantages of 1156 LED bulbs for backup lights is that they are a lot brighter than other bulbs. While standard 1156 incandescent bulbs provide about 17 lumens per watt of energy, 1156 LED bulbs provide up to 100 lumens per watt of energy, which is about 20 times more than standard incandescent 1156 bulbs. 1156 LED bulbs also last longer than other bulbs and other forms of lighting. They last about 100,000 hours or about 11.5 years. That’s a lot longer than the standard incandescent bulb which lasts around 1,000 hours or about 11 months.

Brightness 1156 LED backup light bulbs:

Most cars have a backup light, but they can be dim and hard to see. 1156 LED Backup light bulbs are bright, making it easy to see when you’re backing up. 1156 LED Backup light bulbs are easy to install. 1156 LED Backup light bulbs are ultra-bright. 1156 LED Backup light bulbs are designed for 1156 sockets. 1156 LED Backup light bulbs are available in a variety of colors. 1156 LED Backup light bulbs offer superior current performance. Now buy LED reverse lights online from SuncentAuto without any shipping charges.

The 1156 LED backup light bulbs are extremely bright. These LED backup light bulbs are a great addition to vehicle lighting. Just imagine how bright your car will be when you are driving down the road and you turn on the backup lights. They will be so bright that other cars and drivers will see you. These LED backup light bulbs also have a built-in intelligent IC driver. 

The driver is used to help control the current flow and heat dissipation. They also have a built-in IC chip that controls the current flow. The IC chip will protect the LED from damage from over current. The LED is the only light bulb that offers a 360-degree viewing angle, which means that it will shine a bright light in all directions. These LED light bulbs are much better than other light bulbs because they will be brighter and will last longer.

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